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All of our Ripped Knees Custom Scooters come with Grip Tape and bearings FREE OF CHARGE and FULLY ASSEMBLED!

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Ripped Knees Custom Scooter Guarantee

We at Ripped Knees have changed the way you will buy a Custom Scooter by offering all of our customers our unique 60 day guarantee from the date of purchase so you have piece of mind when buying your custom scooter.

Custom Scooter riding puts imense pressures on various parts of a scooter. And with average custom scooters, now being purchased from £300 upwards on average, Ripped Knees is the only online scooter store to offer their customers a 60 day quarantee on the product you are purchasing.

This industry leading offer means that should you experience and problems with your scooter within the first 60 days of your purchase date, Ripped Knees will provide as much support as is required to ensure that any issues are fixed. This includes any individual faults on any of the 7 parts that make up a scooter. This does not cover any self imosed damage a customer may cause when trying to remedy the issue themselves.

Should the customer experience a fault with a particular parts of the scooter, Ripped Knees will provide immediate telephone support to help fix the problem, or to guide our customers into fixing the problem themselves. We often find that a few minutes advice can fix over 90% of problems that scooter riders experience.  However, if we are unable to fix any problems once telephone support it provided Ripped Knees willl arange FREE COLLECTION of your custom scooter, from a location and date that are convenient for you, and receive back to our workshop to fix. If we also find there to be a fault with a particular part of the scooter, we will replace FREE OF CHARGE and the scooter will be returned to the customer, again to a location and day of their choice, FREE OF CHARGE. (Please note that any replacement of parts that are under warranty with the brand will have to be pre approved by the brand themselves, however Ripped Knees will deal with this process on behalf of the customer)

With the sport of scootering and issues that can occur when riding Ripped Knees feel that scooter shops should do more to provide support and comfort knowing that any issues will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have heard so many stories from other stores who wash their hands once faced with a problem after purchase

Our team can always be contacted for advice Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on 0191 260 2534.

Ripped Knees Team

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