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Blunt AOS V5 Ray Warner Scooter Deck 4.9"

Blunt AOS V5 Ray Warner Scooter Deck 4.9
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Blunt AOS V5 Ray Warner Scooter Deck 4.9"
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  • Model: V5
Raymond Warner- @raymondwarner
Ace of Spades- Version Five.
Some of the finest signature decks in the game!! Stacked with riders from around the globe with custom specifications, graphics and colourways for each rider.
This Versions line-up includes Didine Terchague, Jon Reyes, Flavio Pesenti, Will Scott, Raymond Warner, Jonathan Perroni & Charles Padel . Each rider with 2 choices of size a deck for every style of riding ..The Choice is yours!!
This deck Is Raymond Warners AOSV5. Check below for full specs
Please select your deck choice -
Raymond Warner’s flowy style has been hitting the park and mega ramps worldwide for years, one of the OG’s still strong in the game. His boosted airs are MASSIVE combo’d with specific styled tricks that make use of that air time to the fullest.
His deck is covered in a “Shimmer” paint- Bright blue with a metallic shine and wrapped in his custom “RW Squid” Graphic. Ray’s graphic encapsulates all things from the deep blue sea. Ray is simply terrified of open water and this graphic represents him stepping out of his comfort zone when it comes to riding and everyday life.. Always pushing always progressing!
Size options are
Deck 1.
WIDTH -4.75 Inches /120mm
LENGTH- 20.25 Inches/ 515mm
HEADTUBE- 82.5 degrees 
FOOT SPACE- 14.17 Inches/ 360mm
WEIGHT- 3.5 Pounds/ 1.6kgs
Deck 2.
WIDTH-5.1 Inches/ 125mm
LENGTH- 21 Inches/ 533.4mm
HEADTUBE- 82.5 degrees
FOOT SPACE- 14.5 inches/ 370mm
WEIGHT- 3.75 Pounds/ 1.7kgs

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