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There is a massive variety of scooter collar clamps and scooter compression scs clamps on the market today and it can be quite difficult knowing what you need for what set up. The most commonly used scooter clamps are collar clamps that press your bars onto your forks, kepping them in position and from moving. 

Scooter clamp have become technically advanced in the last few years moving from double to triple and now quad and 5 bolt clamps, all giving good power to secure your bars. Any clamp will work but depending on your scooter use, you may wish to opt for something with more clamping power like a quad clamp. You will also need to know if the clamp you are choosing will fit your scooter handlebars. Clamps are generally available in two sizes from standard sized 31.9mm to oversized which are 34.9mm. So you will need to check if your bars are standard or oversized then pick your clamp accordingly. Generally, most oversized clamps come with a shim, which is a cylindrical insert inside the clamp that enables you to use it with both oversized and standard sized bars. Shim left in with standard scooter bars and shim out when using oversized scooter bars.

If you need any help when choosing you collar clamp from Ripped Knees, just call our advice line on 0191 232 8028.

Ripped Knees Team

Free £20 Scoot Pack
Free £20 Scoot Pack
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We have also developed a huge range of Ripped Knees custom scooters to buy in our store, all pre tested and built to ensure your custom scooter is dialled and ready to go. Not only that but we stock almost every major scooter brand so if you need any spare parts or upgrades, then we'll have it for you. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we are the north east's biggest stockist of the top brands and the only dedicated scooter store in Newcastle, so if you are local, there's only one place to come.

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