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Picking a scooter deck is not always easy as there are so many out there, cheap ones from £20 right up to over £200 for some of the best, your hard earned money can buy.  With the scooter deck being one of the main pieces of your scooter take your time when choosing and make sure its right for your style and preferences.

Most scooter decks will take serious punishment and can snap, or bend but you will most likely get to your decks end life without having snapped one, but it can be common for the pro’s.

You just need to decide firtstly how much you want to spend, do you need integrated or a non integrated deck. Non Integrated decks require non integrated headsets (obviously) which consist of 2 headset cups, 2 bearings, crown races and top tap, with integrated headsets just having the one top cap, bearings and races, but no cups, as they bearings fit into the deck head tube. So make sure you have you headset sorted as well when thinking about the deck.

It a preference really, the top decks are heated treated giving them better strength but no deck is indestructable. Integrated decks are commonly a little longer than standard decks and you can also get decks that are wider than others so its whatever suits your style.

We sell all the best stunt scoorter decks including District decks, Addict decks, Phoenix decks, Crisp decks, Sacrifice decks, Blunt decks and many more.

Our team are here on 0191 232 8028 if you need any help or advice when buying your deck from us!