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There are lots of stunt scooter forks out there today and these are a key part to conisder when deciding which to go for.  A few things to consider are their compatability with the bars you have, will they take both 100mm and 110mm wheels and do they have compression systems like the Blunt Declare forks or if they are threaded or threadless, the most popular forks about today. This in turn and affect the compression you opt for and what clamp you might need so be sure to know what you need for the set up that you are running. SCS forks are becoming more and more popular these days eliminating the need for starnuts in the forks.

We stock loads of scooter forks at Ripped Knees including Sacrifice forks, District forks, Apex forks, Addict forks, Lucky forks, Blunt forks, Crisp forks, Phoenix forks and Blazer Pro to name a few.


For any advice or help when choosing your scooter forks, give us a call on 0191 232 8028 .