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If you haven't got wheels on your scooter, you cant go anywhere! So picking the right set is one of the most important things to get right when customising your scooter. There are two main types of scooter wheels, plastic/nylon core and metal core. Nylon or plastic core wheels are of a lower quality and should be used for basic riding and not for any tricks as they are likely to snap, crack and de hub. If you are looking to nail some tricks with some more extreme riding then alloy core wheels are the way forward.

There is a massive selection out there and again its down to preference for your riding style. Different wheels are made with different grades of tyre urethene which will determine how grippy the wheels are and how long they will last.  Generally the PU number is about 88a and anything below gives more grips and anything above is a harder compund, less grip, but longer lasting. Wheels can de-hub over time and use and its not uncommon to get this. It can depend on how you are riding and the conditions you do this in.  Lastly, you need to decide if you opt for 100mm or 110mm in size. You will need to check if your deck and forks will fit either as some decks wont take 110mm wheels.

We stock all the major brands of scooter wheels including Blunt wheel, Eagle wheels, Sacrifice wheels, Phoenix wheel and blazer pro wheels. If you need any advice before purchasing then call us on 0191 232 8028.

Ripped Knees Team