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Eagle Radix 5D 1/L Scooter Wheel Black/Purple

Eagle Radix 5D 1/L Scooter Wheel Black/Purple
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Eagle Radix 5D 1/L Scooter Wheel Black/Purple
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Eagle Supply Wheels: Radix 5D Single Layer / 5D Core Medium (88a) Wheels 
Our new Eagle Radix 5D Super Light Radix Line Scooter wheels will set the new standard again and will change the scooter sport for ever; like we did before... 
The 30mm wide wheels will replace the 24mm inline skate size wheels as it will give the user more grip, more angle, more control and more air time!
Hand poured in Holland with urethane according to our own developed formulas. 
Excellent for fast park riding and Modest street use.
Size: 115mm
Width: 30mm
Hardness: Medium (88a)
Core: 5D Super light Aluminium Extrusion
Bearings: Eagle Performance 608 RS
Available in Various colours 
Fits the Eagle Supply, District and Addict forks and decks. More brands will follow.
For the Light Freaks:
The 5D is 10% heavier than our Standard Line & Approx. 25% Lighter than the DTM.
The 5D is perfect for a super light build up on the new 30mm wide wheel, 
Being light means that they are less impact resistant than the DTM & Full Hollowtech wheels! 
which are best suited for heavy hitting Shredders and big street jumpers.
If Super light, fast with loads of Stability and grip is your thing than the 5D is your wheel!
The DTM & Full Hollowtech wheels are 30-45% heavier than our standard Line 24mm wide wheels.
At Eagle Supply, we understand the science behind making the perfect urethane mixture specially for use on scooter wheels. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. 
Make sure you buy your Eagle Supply wheels from an authorised local dealer or distributor.
Ride confidence, ride with pride, ride the original, Eagle Supply. 
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Colour Black
Colour Multicolor
Colour Purple

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