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FR 3 310 Inline Skates Black

FR 3 310 Inline Skates Black
FR 3 310 Inline Skates Black
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The FR 3 310 is the perfect skate for a fun Freeride session. Thanks to their 310/232mm frames, you get great manoeuvrability for fast and furious city skating with great stability. This gain in stability and precision is thanks to the integrated plates.

FR Skates is a skater owned brand who travel with team riders all over the world to skate and interact with their fans. In doing this, they are able to take a lot of feedback on board. They have noticed that there is an increase in demand for more speed and agility from their freeride skates and the all new FR 3 310 skates are here!

The new FR 3 310 skate features the FR liner with Orthomove insole and wider boot opening to ensure that your foot is held securely in place whilst skating. The FR 3 310 skates come complete with plastic buckle fastenings at the ankle and a double strap fastening across the top of your foot.

To get the best energy transfer possible from your foot to the ground, FR have added two, seven hole, metal plates to the bottom of their skates, allowing you to adjust the setup of your 232mm frames with it's 110mm Street Kings wheels.


Liner: Premium Removable FR Liner with Orthomove Insole
Frame: Black X2 310/232mm Frames
Wheels: 110mm/88a Street Kings Wheels
Bearings: FR Twincam MW7 Freeride
Colours: Black
Use: Freeride, Freestyle, City Skating

Foot lengthMondopointUKUS MenEU size
9.1"230 mm3.54.536
9.3"235 mm4537
9.6"245 mm5638
10.0"255 mm6739
10.2"260 mm6.57.540
10.4"265 mm7841
10.6"270 mm8942
10.8"275 mm91043
11.0"280 mm9.510.544
11.2"285 mm1011.545
11.6"295 mm111246
11.8"300 mm1213.547

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