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Gullwing Charger Skateboard Truck 9" Gold/Black

Gullwing Charger Skateboard Truck 9
Gullwing Charger Skateboard Truck 9" Gold/Black
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  • Model: Charger Trucks 9 Gold Black
The famous Gullwing Charger has recently been given a redesigned pivot for smoother carving and freeriding, meaning that this is now compatible with the Charger II as well as the Stalker.
To top it all off, the size of the bushing has been increased for greater stability on your Gullwing Charger.
Type: Reverse Kingpin
Style: Cruising, Carving
Size: 9" or 10"
Geometry: 50 degree
Bushings: 90a Double Cone
Mega Filter
Colour Multicolor

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