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Infinity Street Scooter Deck Blue Chrome 21" x 5"

Infinity Street Scooter Deck Blue Chrome 21
Infinity Street Scooter Deck Blue Chrome 21" x 5"
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The Infinity Street Scooter deck has been 10 years in the making and comes out as a rigorously tested and fantastically well balanced street stunt scooter deck.
Over the last 12 months alone 5 models have been worked on with different sizes, blunt space, headtube angles, drop outs and deck cutouts all altered in order to make the best possible deck.
The final decks are 5" wide with concave to help your feet stick the the deck on the longest grinds, the neck has been designed to offer optimal blunt space and then filled in and made super smooth at the back to make foot positioning easy for any nose tricks you choose to do. At the rear end the back is square to help lock in to grinds and the rear inserts fit flush with the deck and are CNC milled aluminium so not only do they hold the locking nut in place they will not bend or split like plastic inserts so your setup stays dialled!
Available in 21" and 23" lengths
Weight 1650 grams 21" and 1720 grams 23" 
Mega Filter
Colour Blue
Colour Chrome

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