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Tilt 10 Year Pro Scooter Wheels 110mm

Tilt 10 Year Pro Scooter Wheels 110mm
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Tilt 10 Year Pro Scooter Wheels 110mm
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  • Model: 10 year wheels
Grab yourself a pair these Ten Year Collection Wheels from Tilt fast before they are sold out
With looks that are heavily inspired by the concave rim design found in automotive racing and from the motorbike world, comes this set of wheels from Tilt. They are a part of the Ten Year collection that celebrates Year No. 10 for the crew.
Asymmetric core on a limited production run
The core of these wheels is asymmetric, looking very much like the rear wheel of a motorbike
These wheels will only come through once, so you better get racing if you want'em
A set of Tilt Better Bearings are installed in each wheel for smooth riding action
Bearings and spacers: Included
Wheel hardness: 86A
Core design: Spoked
Wheel diameter: 110mm
Weight: 220g
Wheels per pack: 2
Core material: Aluminum
Wheel profile: Round
Bearing precision: Not specified
Bearing size: 608
Axle diameter: 8mm
Wheel hub width: 24mm
Mega Filter
Wheel Size 110mm

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